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Community Built Tools & Resources

Various UMA community members and SuperUMANs have created different tools and resources for public consumption. To have your contribution added to this list, please reach out in Discord.

Please note that these tools are community-built and maintained and Risk Labs does not assume responsibility for their security or functionality.

Synthetic Token Builder#

Launch your own Expiring Multiparty based synthetic token on Ethereum or Kovan with a synthetic token builder dapp.


View or interact with any UMA Expiring Multiparty contract.

Liquidity mining opportunity tracker#

Overview of liquidity mining opportunities for UMA contracts.

MySynths Options Interface#

View or interact with call options built on UMA.

DeFi Academy Intro to UMA Course#

Paid course that covers an introduction to derivatives, how UMA helps developers build financial products and launching your first financial contract with UMA. A limited amount of course spots are subsidized, so reach out on UMA's Discord if interested in participating.