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Introduction to the UMA Community

The UMA community consists of tokenholders, financial engineers, product designers developers and users. No matter which bucket you fall in, we're happy to have you join. We are a friendly bunch, and always willing to help people who have just discovered UMA make the most out of our innovations.

Our community can usually be found hanging out on Discord, where you can find details on upcoming proposals and votes, get support with using UMA tokens and products as well as exploring new ideas and how we can turn them into reality.

We also have a Discourse, where improvements to our protocol are discussed as well as proposing ideas for new products. We also maintain a forum where UMA community members can showcase their talents, and product teams can offer bounties to our community for collaborative working. We have a number of outstanding vacancies as well as a “talent referral options” program, which offers up to 1000 $UMA to anyone who refers suitably qualified candidates for any of our open positions.

You can also keep up to date with what is happening in UMA by following our Twitter; longer form explorations of UMA developments are available on our Medium, while our YouTube channel hosts presentations and tutorials in video format. There is an ongoing Coinbase Earn campaign which gives a video overview of UMA as well the opportunity to collect a few tokens for watching explainer videos to allow you to get up to speed with one of the most innovative and fast moving protocols in the DeFi space.