Community guide to products

Here you will find details of all the products currently built on UMA, along with both official and community produced resources for their use.

Yield Dollars#

Yield Dollars are created when you lock collateral in a contract to borrow a synthetic asset can be redeemed for the equivalent of 1 USD in the collateral asset. They are typically minted by those wishing to unlock capital in the assets they wish to hold.

Call Options#

Call options are tokens which allow you to purchase the asset at a fixed price at a future date. They are typically minted by those who wish to lock in a future price of an asset without immediate purchase.

KPI Options#

KPI Options are tokens which expire to an as yet undetermined amount of the underlying asset, based on known metric. They are typically minted by a protocol and airdropped to community members or aligned parties as an incentive to work towards a shared goal.

Stock Market Indices#

Stock market indices track a defined basket of stocks, this may be an established metric, but can also be a customised selection, they expire to the price of their underlying stocks in the collateral currency.

Metals Indices#

Metals indices track the price of a metal, and expire to exactly that value in the collateral currency.

Crypto Metrics#

Crypto Metric tokens are synthetic assets which track a cryptocurrency value - this might be a metric (such as gas), relative price (such as hybrid tokens), or a tokenised off-chain currency

Synthetic USD#

Synthetic USD tokens allow hedging against stablecoin variations.

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