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Who are the SuperUMAns?

What is a SuperUMAns?#

SuperUMAns are the community's ninja troops. They know how powerful UMA is, the kinds of things that UMA can be used for and they are determined to spread the word.

If you find yourself reading this, you probably already have your own inner SuperUMAn - you may just not know it yet....

Who can become a SuperUMAn?#

SuperUMAns come from all walks of life. Maybe you have accidentally found your way to UMA, wanting to try a little bit of everything, and need somewhere for your endless curiosity and passion for questioning the status quo and asking “what if” questions. On UMA’s discord boards, the “what ifs” are always encouraged to try to build something, better, stronger, quicker than what has gone before.

This isn’t just a place for crypto lovers to hang out- although we have plenty of folks here who would self-identify that way. This is a place where multi-talented people come together to push the boundaries of what’s possible in DeFi, with the intention of building a market that is truly universally accessible to anyone.

SuperUMAns are the people who bring this community to life. They’re the folks with a deep desire to participate in building something bigger than themselves. They feel drawn to the UMA ecosystem because of the potential they see, they believe UMA provides some amazing tools to help build the future of DeFi and they want to share this with the world

Sound at all like you? If so, you just may be a SuperUMAN.

What do superUMAns do?#

To be honest, most of what SuperUMAns do is have fun! Our community environment is fundamentally a place for friends to enjoy the thoughts and energy of other SuperUMAns.

On a more serious note, superUMAns are an indispensable component of the ecosystem that helps UMA reach the greater DeFi community. Here are some of the many things our superUMAns do:

  • Write articles
  • Make videos
  • Create funny content
  • Design awesome swag
  • Hold weekly community calls
  • Participate in online classes together
  • Brainstorm new use cases for existing UMA products
  • Look for opportunities to collaborate with other communities
  • Help teach people about what you can build using UMA
  • Participate in UMA governance
  • Support other communities on social media and in their local community chats
  • Every member of our community has their own unique blend of superpowers and we value all of them

How do you become a SuperUMAn?#

All you have to do to become a superUMAn is show up and dive in! It really is that easy. If anything about UMA speaks to you, come join us on Discord in the superUMAn lair. Bring all your questions!

Let us know who you are, how you found us, what you’re all about, and how you’d like to get involved.

Whatever your talents are, we can put them to good use! There is always room for another superUMAn.