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Who are the SuperUMAns?

The core mission of the SuperUMAns is to communicate the potential of universal access to markets and its benefits to the world. The SuperUMAns launched the SuperUMAn DAO to support this mission and increase the adoption of UMA products while following its own path of decentralization.

What is a SuperUMAn?#

SuperUMAns establish and maintain a community to explore and expand the potential of UMA. The unique value proposition of UMA is a platform that can turn any metric into a trustless web3 smart contract, and it is the mission of the SuperUMAns to communicate the potential of that proposition to the world.

While the UMA engineers work to improve the effectiveness of the tools, it is the purpose of the SuperUMAn DAO to build the knowledge, skills, and culture to facilitate the creation of trustless web3 instruments.

Additional Resources#

If you are interested in becoming a SuperUMAn, join the SuperUMAn Discord and read about the experiences of existing SuperUMAns on Twitter using #SuperUMAnXperience.