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Mint Tokens

After an LSP contract has been deployed, tokens can be minted by calling the create method. create deposits collateral into the contract in exchange for an equal amount of long and short tokens representing a fully collateralized and risk-neutral position.

The example below first approves the LSP contract to transfer the collateral token on behalf of the caller. create can then be called with the number of tokens as the argument. Since collateralPerPair parameter was set to 1 in the deployment step, 1 collateral token will be deposited for 1 long token and 1 short token.

Note: If using the example below, make sure to input your LSP contract address for the lspAddress constant below.

// Helper modulesconst { getContract, web3 } = require("hardhat");const { toBN, toWei, fromWei } = web3.utils;const { MAX_UINT_VAL } = require("@uma/common");
const ERC20 = getContract("ERC20");const LongShortPair = getContract("LongShortPair");
// Constants to updateconst lspAddress = "YOUR_LSP_CONTRACT_ADDRESS";const amountOfTokenToMint = toWei(toBN(1));
// Deposit collateral into the LSP Contract to mint tokens.const mint = async () => {  const [deployer] = await web3.eth.getAccounts();  const lspContract = new web3.eth.Contract(    LongShortPair.abi,    lspAddress  );
  console.log("Approving contract to transfer collateral on behalf of user...");  // Check collateral token associated with LSP contract  const collateralToken = await lspContract.methods.collateralToken().call()  const collateral = new web3.eth.Contract(ERC20.abi, collateralToken);
  // The LSP contract needs to be able to transfer collateral on behalf of user.  await collateral.methods.approve(lspAddress, MAX_UINT_VAL).send({ from: deployer });  console.log("- Increased LSP allowance to spend collateral");
  // Collateral allowance for the contract address.  const postAllowance = await collateral.methods.allowance(deployer, lspAddress).call();  console.log(`- Contract's collateral allowance: ${fromWei(postAllowance.toString())}`);"Minting ERC20 LSP tokens...");  await lspContract.methods.create(amountOfTokenToMint).send({ from: deployer });  console.log(`- Minted ${fromWei(amountOfTokenToMint)} tokens from LSP contract`);};
// Run