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Request Price

When the current timestamp is later than the expirationTimestamp parameter, expire can be called on the LSP contract to request a price from the Optimistic Oracle.

Another option for an LSP contract is to set enableEarlyExpiration to true on deployment. enableEarlyExpiration is an optional deployment parameter that enables an LSP contract to be settled before its expirationTimestamp. Early expiration was enabled for the example contract we deployed as it can be beneficial to use when the exact timestamp a request will need to be made is uncertain and it can make testing easier.

Note: If using the example below, make sure to input your LSP contract address for the lspAddress constant below.

// Helper modulesconst { getContract, web3 } = require("hardhat");
// Constants to updateconst lspAddress = "YOUR_LSP_CONTRACT_ADDRESS";const requestTimestamp = Math.floor( / 1000) - 100;
// Request a price from the Optimistic Oracle contractconst request = async () => {  const [deployer] = await web3.eth.getAccounts();  const LongShortPair = getContract("LongShortPair");  const lspContract = new web3.eth.Contract(    LongShortPair.abi,    lspAddress  );  console.log(`Requesting a price from the Optimistic Oracle contract...`);  await lspContract.methods.requestEarlyExpiration(requestTimestamp).send({ from: deployer });  console.log("- Called expire and requested a price from the Optimistic Oracle");};
// Main script.request()