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How to Whitelist your Contracts on Coingecko and Balancer

Whitelisting on Coingecko#

  1. Fill the following details into this spreadsheet
  • Token Symbol
  • Description
  • Website link
  • Token address (etherscan link)
  • Exchange
  1. Message Henry on Discord. Discord tag = Henry | UMA#3300 .

Whitelisting on Balancer#

  1. Firstly, make sure your token is listed on Coingecko, then get the API price feed for your token.

  2. Submit the following details to Balancer's #token-requests discord channel.

  • API Price Feed (coingecko)
  • Token Details (name, contract address & symbol)
  • Website link
  • Description

Feel free to ping Henry on Discord (tag: Henry | UMA#3300) if you have any questions or need help.