onlyIfTest() modifier

Reverts if not running in test mode.

constructor(bool _isTest, address _finderAddress, address _collateralTokenWhitelist, address _tokenFactoryAddress) public

Constructs the ExpiringMultiPartyCreator contract.


  • _isTest: whether this contract is being constructed for the purpose of running tests.

  • _finderAddress: UMA protocol Finder used to discover other protocol contracts.

  • _collateralTokenWhitelist: UMA protocol contract to track whitelisted collateral.

  • _tokenFactoryAddress: ERC20 token factory used to deploy synthetic token instances.

createExpiringMultiParty(struct ExpiringMultiPartyCreator.Params params) → address public

Creates an instance of expiring multi party and registers it within the registry.

caller is automatically registered as the first (and only) party member.


  • params: is a ConstructorParams object from ExpiringMultiParty.

setCurrentTime(uint256 _time) external

Sets the current time.

Will revert if not running in test mode.

getCurrentTime() → uint256 public

Gets the current time. Will return the last time set in setCurrentTime if running in test mode. Otherwise, it will return the block timestamp.

_registerContract(address[] parties, address contractToRegister) internal

CreatedExpiringMultiParty(address expiringMultiPartyAddress, address partyMemberAddress) event

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