Financial contract facing Oracle interface.

Interface used by financial contracts to interact with the Oracle. Voters will use a different interface.

requestPrice(bytes32 identifier, uint256 time) → uint256 expectedTime external

Enqueues a request (if a request isn’t already present) for the given identifier, time pair.

Returns the time at which the user should expect the price to be resolved. 0 means the price has already been resolved.

isIdentifierSupported(bytes32 identifier) → bool external

Whether the Oracle provides prices for this identifier.

hasPrice(bytes32 identifier, uint256 time) → bool external

Whether the price for identifier and time is available.

getPrice(bytes32 identifier, uint256 time) → int256 price external

Gets the price for identifier and time if it has already been requested and resolved.

If the price is not available, the method reverts.

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