commitVote(bytes32 identifier, uint256 time, bytes32 hash) external

Commit your vote for a price request for identifier at time.

(identifier, time) must correspond to a price request that’s currently in the commit phase. hash should be the keccak256 hash of the price you want to vote for and a int salt. Commits can be changed.

revealVote(bytes32 identifier, uint256 time, int256 price, int256 salt) external

Reveal a previously committed vote for identifier at time.

The revealed price and salt must match the latest hash that commitVote() was called with. Only the committer can reveal their vote.

getPendingRequests() → struct VotingInterface.PendingRequest[] external

Gets the queries that are being voted on this round.

getVotePhase() → enum VoteTiming.Phase external

Gets the current vote phase (commit or reveal) based on the current block time.

getCurrentRoundId() → uint256 external

Gets the current vote round id based on the current block time.

retrieveRewards(address voterAddress, uint256 roundId, struct VotingInterface.PendingRequest[]) → struct FixedPoint.Unsigned public

Retrieves rewards owed for a set of resolved price requests.

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