After completing these set up steps, we’ll be ready to start developing with the UMA system.


Start in the top-level directory in this repository, protocol/.

  1. Install the latest stable version of nodejs and ensure that npm is installed along with it.

  2. Run npm install in protocol/.

We should be able to compile the smart contracts from protocol/core:

cd core
$(npm bin)/truffle compile

If everything worked, we should see the line "> Compiled successfully using:" in the output.


  1. Install the Ganache UI.

  2. Run Ganache on localhost port 9545 (use the above links for instructions on how to do this).

If everything was setup correctly, we should be able to run automated tests from protocol/core:

cd core
$(npm bin)/truffle test --network test

These tests will take a while to finish, but if set up correctly, all tests should pass.

UMA token builder

First, we’ll set up the dependencies for the UMA token builder.

  1. Run cd sponsor-dapp-v2.

  2. Run npm install.

Next, we’ll set up the MetaMask Chrome extension and connect it to our locally running instance of Ganache.

  1. Install Metamask in Chrome.

  2. Set MetaMask to connect to Custom RPC network "http://localhost:9545[http://localhost:9545]".

  3. In MetaMask, click "Import using account seed phrase" and use the seed phrase from Ganache.

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