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Welcome to UMA

UMA stands for Universal Market Access. UMA is driven by a shared belief that financial markets should be free, open, and fair. The economic freedom created by a free and open market enables everyone equal opportunity to pursue prosperity and build financial independence.

UMA's goal is to enable anyone to attain or transfer any form of risk seamlessly and securely through UMA protocol to empower everyone to participate in a universally accessible financial system.

If you would like to learn more about the concepts behind UMA's priceless financial contracts and oracle service, start by reading this overview of the UMA ecosystem.


If you are a developer interested in building on UMA Protocol, view this explainer to understand how UMA's priceless synthetic tokens work. Also review the development guide to learn how to launch your own synthetic tokens on UMA.

You can find additional reference materials, including a list of UMA's testnet and mainnet contracts here.

UMA Tokenholders#

Refer here to learn more about the UMA governance token.


If you have questions or want to connect with the UMA community, check out our community page, join our Discord or get involved in conversations on UMA's Discourse.