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Development Guide

To immediately start building on the UMA protocol, first check out the Quick Start guide for setting up your environment and deploying your first local synthetic token.

The tutorials in this section are written to use the ExpiringMultiParty (EMP) contract, which is the first available production ready template of a synthetic token. The EMP allows developers to quickly launch expiring synthetic tokens, such as the UMA yield dollar, but is by no means a limitation on the types of financial contracts that a developer could create.

Complete build process#

After following the quick start guide and deploying your first synthetic token, you can follow this general build process to launch and secure a mainnet version of your expiring synthetic token.

  1. Finalize your contract design.
  2. Propose a new price identifier or collateral type.
  3. Deploy your contract.
  4. Mint your first synthetic tokens to set the contract GCR.
  5. Deploy liquidator and dispute bots to secure your contract.

It is highly recommended that you perform steps 3-5 on Kovan before moving to mainnet.

UMA Team Support#

To receive support in your build process, especially if you wish to receive developer mining rewards, please make sure to reach out in the UMA Discord.