Mainnet Deployment Information

Current DVM Parameters

The current DVM parameters are as follows. The parameters can be adjusted via the introduction of a new UMIP.

  1. Inflation percentage per vote: 0.05%
  • The token supply is inflated on each resolved vote. If the inflation rate is 5%, then that 5% is split pro rata amongst those who voted correctly. This means that on a per-voter bases, the rewards are >= 5% (you get more if fewer people vote).
  1. GAT: 5%
  • This is the minimum % of tokens that need to participate in a vote for the vote to resolve and not be rolled to the next round of voting.
  • Cannot be changed without upgrading Voting.sol.
  1. Voting phase length: 24 hours
  • Commit and reveal are phases, so this means a round of voting will take twice as long as a phase.
  • Cannot be changed without upgrading Voting.sol.
  1. Contract tax rate per annum: 0.0%
  2. Tax delay penalty per week: 0%
  3. Final fee: 0

Registered Price Identifiers

There are currently no price identifiers registered with the DVM.

Registered Financial Contracts

There are currently no financial contracts registered with the DVM.

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