How to vote via the Voter dApp

This tutorial describes how to vote using the UMA voter dApp. For context, each voting period is 48hrs. Voting takes 3 steps:

  • Commit Vote: the first 24hrs of a voting period allows you to encrypt and commit your vote
  • Reveal vote: the second 24hrs of a voting period allows you to decrypt and reveal your vote. Votes are tallied by a DVM smart contract at the end of the reveal period.
  • Claim rewards: At the end of each reveal period, you claim $UMA inflation rewards generated by the protocol, if you voted correctly as determined by the DVM.

You must commit AND reveal your vote in order for it to be counted


  1. Go to

  2. Connect your metamask wallet and sign the transaction


  1. Commit period: You’ll see active votes in the “Active Requests” table.


  • Type your vote into each row by using the “edit” button
  • Check the box in each row
  • Click the “save” button
  • You can edit your vote after you commit, before the reveal period starts. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT: make sure that your $UMA tokens are in the account you use to commit a vote before the reveal period begins. A snapshot is taken at the beginning of the reveal period.
  1. Reveal period: If there are committed votes to reveal, you’ll see them in the “Active Requests” table.


  • Review your committed votes
  • Check the box in each row
  • Click the “reveal selected” button. Once revealed, this cannot be undone.
  1. Claim rewards: If there are rewards to claim, you’ll see a “Claim rewards” button at the top of the dApp.
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