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UMA builds decentralized infrastructure to allow developers to build financial applications. There are two primary parts of this infrastructure: the decentralized oracle (DVM) and the financial contract templates that depend on it.

This documentation will explain the code as it exists today. For a more theoretical explanation of the UMA DVM, see the DVM whitepaper. For a deeper explanation of the philosophy behind the self-enforcing financial contract templates, see the financial contract template whitepaper.


If you’d like to start working with the UMA platform, we have a variety of tutorials that should help you get familiar with the technology. A good place to start is the prerequisites, which will be required before working through any of the other tutorials.


To learn more about how the platform works, there are a few high-level explainers to help you conceptually understand how parts of the system interact with one another. For a high-level introduction to how the decentralized oracle (DVM) works, please see the architecture overview.


For a more detailed view, API documentation is available for all UMA smart contracts.

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